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Story of the Peace Coffee House

Peace Coffee House

is a place filled with peace and happiness.

It has the illustration of recalling the memories


We have created the brand “Peace Coffee House”
By re-illustrating the 70’s background, we are presenting a new culture to the millennial generations and to the older generations we offer the scent of the childhood with the happiness of the old memories. Therefore all generations may share and understand each other at the Coffee House.

Retrospect has a deep meaning of recalling the memories of the past. With the foundation of this, we have put in our heart filled with the past and our tradition to create the name of our brand “Peace Coffee House”. It is a place for those who are tired and stressed out with the diverse life of the society.

A new experience for the teens, and from the twenties to the fifties refreshing the memories with comfort, we offer the unity of the generations. Therefore we are loved by all generations.


From the date of March 2019, we have released our 1st store in Yeoui-do. With the launch of the new brand and the store, we have presented many retro styled items including drink designs, special interiors with antiques and more. Many customers adore coming to our branded café, the Peace Coffee House.




We are facing a generation which prefers the emotional trends. Currently, Peace Coffee House is also presenting the memories and comfort with the mood of warmth and happiness.To the millennial generation, we give path to the new experience of the Newtro. To the older generations we provide the memories of the past with the retro styled theme.


Older Generation

Main Target 20’s and 30’s

Millennial Generation

We have worked to become a bridge to the Millennial Generation and the Older Generation to share the atmosphere of the 1970’s. Our Main Target is ladies and gentlemen who are in the twenties and the thirties.