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Introducing the Company

We make our food with extra care with the heart of love towards our family. Non-preserved, no added food coloring and healthy ingredients are used as we never tolerate the less qualitied goods. We promise you the best only with our endeavor.

Our Story

We are a café that has the theme of the 70’s retro. We offer food, drinks and snacks that are from the memories of the past for all generations to connect.

Administrative Control

With our own know-how, we have a special program of systematical administrative control. Constant training of the store and the managers and building database of them leads us to perform a successful administrative control to be made.


We work to make something for everyone to enjoy with comfort. Beautifully displayed yet tasting delicious desserts and drinks bring back the memories of the past. It is a perfect place everyone who loves to communicate through their social network.

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